It starts with an audience suggestion then the players create a full length thriller in the style of Alfred Hitchcock. There could be murder, car chases, gun play, beautiful women, exciting music and drinks…plenty of drinks. Since this is high class crime, the stage is complete with a wet bar and the actors will be forced to partake as the plot develops. By the end of the show, you might not be able to stand the suspense and the actors might not be able to stand at all.

The show will also feature a live jazz band and a few parlor games so the audience may join in on the “refreshments.”

"With the tagline, 'Action so tense, you'll have to get tight," how can you go wrong?

Hitch-Cocktails creates an original suspense story each week in the vein of its namesake Alfred Hitchcock. It's fun for people who've never seen Hitchcock's films - but if you're well-versed, you'll catch some of their sneakier jokes." - ChooseChicago.com

Fridays | June 7 - August 23 | 10:00PM | $15

To order tickets by phone call 773-697-9693


To order tickets by phone call 773-697-9693

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