Swear Jar

The first sketch show directed by Mick Napier at The Annoyance in the theatre's 22 year history will be uncensored, unfettered, unabashed, and unrelenting.

After years of creating no-holds-barred content at The Annoyance including "Co-Ed Prison Sluts," "Manson The Musical," and "President Bush is a Very Good Man," Napier brings his sensibilities and unlimited freedom to sketch.

With musical direction by Lisa McQueen, Swear Jar brings together a powerhouse group of talented performers.

Saturday |3/27-Extended! to July 31! | 10:00 PM | $15

EVERY FRIDAY around midnight, the cast of "Swear Jar" offers a free improv set after "Co-Ed Prison Sluts." It is uncensored, gut-bustingly funny, and FREE.


To order tickets by phone call 773-697-9693

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