Waiting For Drew Peterson

Sisters Pam and Sue are in love (from afar) with Drew Peterson, whom they believe to be wrongly jailed for the murders of allegedly murdering his third and fourth wives. To show their support for Drew, they wait patiently in their house until he is released from prison. Stuck in self-confinement, Pam and Sue use the “Secret” to get their hearts’ desire, post on Facebook declaring his innocence, sell clutter on Ebay to fund his defense and do Yoga. Ultimately, though, Drew can only love one of them. The polite facade is dropped as Pam and Sue go to war for Drew’s love. “Waiting for Drew Peterson” is an absurd look at our fascination with murderers, celebrity culture and the Internet.

Directed by Scott Goldstein ("Bodyslam!" "Tommy's Place")

"Waiting for Drew Peterson" is written and performed by Nancy Friedrich ('10 Jeff Award Winner, "The Crucible," '09 Jeff Award Nominee, "Dastardly Ficus and Other Tales of Woe and Misery") and Amy Speckien (Gift Theater, Profiles Theater).


PREVIEWS, May 19 and 26 | 8:00PM | $8

Thursdays, June 2-July 7 | 8:00PM | $10

To order tickets by phone call 773-697-9693

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To order tickets by phone call 773-697-9693

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